I agree with these posts! George Braswell and his crew are the most unscrupulous, sketchy and manipulative people I've ever met.

They will LIE their *** off to make a sale and call it a "manufacturing sales technique"! Their so called techniques are no doubt unethical business practices! Then they will go out and celebrate how they got over on their clients. That's just disgusting!

It's plain and simple. Don't do business with these losers! Find a company that is HONEST and ethical.

These jerks really aren't. I can't stress enough to find another company to do business with rather than these very conniving people!

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Vallejo, California, United States #1169220

I have news for you people. NOBODY in manufacturing EVER wear a gold tie and a shiny shirt.

If you run into this chances are you are dealing with a baptist minister, a used car salesman or a politician.

Manifacturing is a blue collar job that cannot afford sparkly clothes. Use common sense.

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1169221




Hanover, Maryland, United States #887900

Lucy Tate Boyd who is a sales rep in Command Technology is the worst uneducated person you can ever imagine.

I asked her to specify and identify parts and all what she emailed me is to take her out to dinner. She never answeed any of my product specs.



I would not recommend George Braswell at all. One word. Unprofessional!


We should have read these reviews before contracting this company! Not pleased at all with them all around. :sigh

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